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Activities of the Council

The National Council for Crime Prevention meets about four times a year. The meetings focus on fundamental issues of principle and the key themes related to crime prevention. The Council consists of an Executive Committee, a Research Division and a sub-committee for local crime prevention efforts. As necessary, the National Council for Crime Prevention may appoint working groups to discuss specific issues. A secretariat working as part of the Department of Criminal Policy at the Ministry of Justice prepares matters to be considered by the Council. It also manages the day-to-day activities of the Council.

During the term 2015–2018, the Council has the following priorities:

1) to strengthen the knowledge base for crime prevention

2) to foster local crime prevention work

3) to draw up a national programme for crime prevention

The National Council for Crime Prevention, together with the Ministry of Justice, serves as the national contact point for the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN), set up in 2001. Cooperation with the Nordic crime prevention councils has long been close.

Published 7.7.2016
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