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The National Crime Prevention Programme entitled Working Together for Safer and More Secure Communities , prepared by the National Council for Crime Prevention, aims to promote local cooperation to reduce and prevent crime and the harm caused by it as well as the risk of becoming a victim of crime. We can all take part in preventing crime and increasing safety and security in our communities.


The summary of the council's annual report 2013


Crime prevention at its best is created by increasing a sense of community and neighbourhood help, in which trust and interaction are essential. The working group on neighborhood help released their guidelines on May 23rd, which is the European Neighbours` Day. The group stated that safety is primarily created through trust and interaction instead of barbwires and surveillance cameras.


The citizens’ possibilities in the Nordic countries to affect the resident security and amenity in residential areas


The Finnish anti-bullying programme KiVa received first prize in the European Crime Prevention Award (ECPA) in December 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden.


A joint Nordic project, led by the National Council for Crime Prevention in Finland, gathered a broad range of data in order to reduce violence in the Nordic countries. The main goal with the project, carried out in 2006 – 2009, was to strengthen cooperation and knowledge based crime prevention work in the Nordic countries.


The National Council for Crime Prevention has decided that Finland will be participating in the European Crime Prevention Awards (ECPA) competition.

Published 2.3.2017
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